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Lunch N’ Code: Coding is not scary!

Lunch N’ Code: Coding is not scary!

What image forms in your head when you hear the word “coding?” For most - and especially non-STEM folks, coding is assumed to be a tool for computer and science nerds to design cool programs. In fact, most people assume that  if one does not have a science background, they cannot or should not learn about coding. This is why many people from non-STEM backgrounds are afraid of learning to code. However, this assumption is very incorrect. Computer programming, rather than being based on  math or science, is more about logical reasoning. Learning to code is like learning a new language, it just so happens that you get to learn the language of computers. In fact, having a STEM background adds little to the experience of coding.

That is why the LIT Group has decided to challenge the “coding is scary” mindset. After a year of preparation - and for the first time at U of T Faculty of Law, the LIT group is finally ready to present its Lunch N’ Code workshop series. These workshops are specifically designed for law students with no or little background, and its goal is to bust the incorrect myths about coding. The purpose of these workshops is twofolds: First, to showcase that anyone can learn how to code just as easily, and second, to illustrate the benefits, capabilities, and applications of coding in the legal industry. The legal industry is becoming more and more technologically advanced thanks to computers, and understanding the capabilities of computers will allow lawyers and law students to further advance the goals of the industry and tackle problems in ways never possible before.


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