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Get involved; Get LIT!
Get involved; Get LIT!

Hey LIT people! 

Want to get involved in U of T Law’s hottest new group? You’re in luck! The LIT group is currently recruiting students for the following positions. To apply for any of these positions, please send your CV and a 250-word statement of interest to with the subject heading [Name]-LIT App. Please indicate in the body of the email which position(s) you are interested in. If you are interested in more than one position, please rank them.

Coders – 1Ls and 2Ls; 2-3 positions

The LIT Group is looking for a 1L and 2L student who has some experience with computer programming. Although not necessary, having worked with Python or R would be an asset.

The student must be able to attend the coding workshops and will assist the instructor in preparing the workshop content. 

This position does not require a degree in computer science or engineering or advanced coding skills. As long as you are familiar with computer programming, you are encouraged to apply.

Content Editors – all years; 2-3 positions

We know. Not another editorial position. But hear us out—unlike some journals where editors spend hours meticulously checking citations line-by-line, editing for the LIT group will allow you the opportunity to immerse yourself in exciting new developments in the law in a very low-stakes, fun environment! Familiarity with the McGill guide is a liability (kidding). The blog is meant to be an accessible forum for students and practitioners alike to think through some of the latest news and developments in technology and the law. Editing for the blog will consist of editing out wordiness and jargon and ensuring articles are clear and concise.

You can expect around 2-ish hours of work every week or so. Maybe more if we get lucky! You’re also encouraged to write for the blog, though it’s not required (but why wouldn’t you want to). We’re hoping to have a journal set up soon (by 2023, fingers crossed). We’d love it if you also were interested in editing for that. Unfortunately, that will be a bit stuffier. Fortunately, that is still months away and, if you choose to work on it, you’ll get even more exposure to thinking on these topics (in even more depth) from some of our top experts. 

*Disclaimer: there will still be some citation checks. But at least the topic will be cooler (we hope!).

Podcast and Video Producers – all years; 2-3 positions

In the spirit of embracing new technologies, we are proud to host the JETL podcast and video series. Authors of the upcoming journal will be invited to speak on their work on camera! We also hope to have experts in the field come and speak to our students about where they see the future heading. We'd love it if you have experience working with multimedia, but it’s not required. We mostly need students who are willing to learn and are excited about this process as we are! We hope to publish a podcast or video every month or so, and so you can expect around 5-6 hours of work a month (less if there’s more of you)! Training will be provided. 

Questions? Concerns? Interested in getting involved but none of these positions speak to you? Let us know! We’d love to hear from you as we continue to build the group. Shoot us a line anytime at

Stay LIT! 

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