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LIT’s official blog: The Spark

Hey there!

Welcome to the Legal Innovation and Technology Group’s official blog, the The Spark. We welcome submissions on any topic within legal innovation and technology—from developments in artificial intelligence and patent law to changing workplace norms in law firms following the pandemic. While we encourage submissions from anyone thinking about these topics, we especially encourage students to write. We’d love this blog to be a safe space to discuss emerging issues in law and technology and learn from each other.

If you are interested in writing for the blog, please send us an email at with a brief pitch. Blogs generally are in the 500–1000 word range, but we are quite flexible! Shoot us a message with your thoughts and we’d love to work with you to get it up.

Alternatively, if you’re interested in helping us review submissions for the LIT blog and our upcoming Journal of Law and Emerging Technologies, please let us know. We are actively recruiting new editors.

Stay LIT!

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